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BEAM - Build, Enable, Activate and Model the Use of IT Skills to Serve the Community

BEAM (aka openBeam) is about leveraging Web 2.0 and cloud computing to build technology capacities to serve the community:
  • We adopt the BEAM action model: (1) Build human resources with a passion to learn about technologies (2) Enable pro-active individuals to strengthen their habits to collaborate and to continue to grow skills. (3) Activate the connection of IT resources to help philanthropic organizations to increase their reach and effectiveness (4) Model the use of project management disciplines coupled with Agile software development process to deliver the right solutions to our clients as rapidly as possible.
  • If you have interests in IT (particularly cloud computing) and project management, either as a student or an experienced professional wanting to grow and network, we welcome you to join our group by following this membership application instruction.
  • And if you have a potential BEAM project that you would like us to consider helping you on, please contact us. We would be happy to consider adding your requests to our list of projects.





Build, Enable

Activate, Model

Commitment to IT equity,

openness and service