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About us


Through education, collaboration and IT service projects, we build, enable, activate and model (BEAM) a network of IT skills to help the community, we beam up a community where all its members have equitable access to information technology (IT) to attain wellness, prosperity and sustainability.


About Al Lun

Al Lun PhotoAl Lun has worked in the computer industry for over 3 decades, mostly at IBM. He has worked in WebSphere, Tivoli, AS/400 and Storage Systems in various capacities--architecture, project management, software/hardware development and people management.


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About Community Beam

The Community Beam portal was built to help create a healthy and inclusive community where opportunity and responsibility are broadly shared.

If you find the information contained here useful, please make donations to either the Rochester Area Family Y or Diversity Council or both.

I am a board member of both of these fine charitable organizations.



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